Cheryl contacted me wishing to overcome her barriers out on the trail and cure her tendency to crash through and over stuff because she couldn’t raise the front wheel at all. I assured her I would remedy that very quickly.
First however, I had to see what skills were present during the skills health check and found that Cheryl had looking and body position faults but naturally had a push to un weight the front but it was bogged down by the lacking skills. Very quickly, Cheryl was un weighting the front wheel nicely and it was time to move to the drop technique and use it in that context.
I matched her natural push to a speed and then Cheryl was landing perfectly off of the curb sized drop. Confidence and commitment grew and Cheryl then rode the middle, larger drop comfortably and perfectly.
It came time to move to the coaching trail and use her natural push in other sections including steps, drops, rocks and up ramps and also to work on flat, off camber and banked corners.
Gradually, we worked our way down the trail and by looking into the next section Cheryl really began to flow down the trail. I timed different segments of the trail for Cheryl to see a measurable improvement as the skills were implemented.
After a few runs of the complete trail Cheryl equaled the time of the fastest lady on the trail but when pushing it washed out on a berm trying too hard and giving away her skill set.
I moved Cheryl to an isolated berm where I worked on carrying speed into and out of the corner. Cheryl got quicker and smoother on it and I moved back to the coaching trail where she shaved 2 seconds off the fastest time.
Great session!