Chivas and Matty had been with me before for coaching last year and now Brahm joined them for the session. The skills check showed me that Matty and Chivas had worked on their skills and that I needed to work on looking and footwork with Brahm. I made the necessary set up changes and we moved onto the drop technique. All 3 of them had no trouble there as they used their skill sets to great effect.
 We moved onto the skills trail and worked on linking all 14 sections on the trail together by their correct braking areas. Flat, bermed, of camber and switchback turns were linked with upslopes, pumping, steps, drops and rock gardens.

 After nearly 4 hrs we moved onto the tabletop and gap jump . Brahm sat it out as he hurt his shoulder earlier so I continued with Matty and Chivas on the jump technique and they began sailing over it from the word go.
I was able to show why the skills set applies to beginning to style it in the air too and Chivas got his teeth into that quickly.

It wasn’t long before I moved us on to work on rolling and dropping into steeps and using various techniques that I demonstrated the lads followed. Matty was tiring now and that left Chivas.
 For the final task, we moved onto a 9ft gap jump that he had seen at the end of our first session and now he used his mental skills to decide to ride it 3 times!
 A great day ended with us having a cold beer to celebrate an awesome session.
High5 guys!