Chris and Stan made the journey up from Cardiff after hearing about coaching on the uplift at bike park Wales 6 months ago and wasted no time in researching and then booking in with us. They choose to go ahead with myself for their coaching and today was the day. 
 The skills check showed me errors in their skills sets and footwork and body positioning was paramount in this correction, so a set up change was made and the effect could be felt immediately. Drops were the first sections we applied their skills sets to and the required technique was demonstrated by myself first obviously.  All three drops were ridden easier and with more control than ever before and they were blown away.
 Cornering was next and here they applied their new skills sets to the technique myself and Nathan teach. one, two then a third berm flew past with control and they developed speed through each turn.
We took a welcome coffee break before resuming with linking drops into corners and the required braking technique and line choices.
 When we first met they said they wanted to learn to jump rather than hang on and hope at their local bike park wales. I began with applying the skills to a 6ft tabletop, followed by a 6ft gap which they soon were sailing over effortlessly. We moved to a more complex 7ft gap jump that requires speed to be carried through two corners to ride and they blew themselves away by riding that easily too.
 They were tiring quickly now but we still had time to not only ride the 9ft gap jump a few times but to also link the berms, gaps and pumping from earlier.
 Cracking session in beautiful sunshine.