Chris and both Johns came down from Bristol for the session and after giving them my commitment for the session I proceeded to identify both the present and missing skills. Once completed, I moved them onto the first technique of drops. I covered the application of a mental skill set here as well as the physical.
All three used their natural pushes in this technique and were landing perfectly on all 3 drop sections in a very short time.
Next, we moved onto the coaching trail where we worked on linking the sections contained within it using the entries and exits to each section. We worked on pumping, rocks, steps, fly outs, and flat, off camber, tight 180 switchbacks and bermed corners as well as linking drops into corners.
We worked our way along the trail methodically and un hurried. Each section was linked to the previous and the guys really began to flow through the trail.
After a few complete runs of the trail we moved on to the tabletop.
Here I controlled one of their skills and they focused on the remaining ones and soon they were airborne and by the end of the session they were landing perfectly on the transition.
Great session guys!!!!