Chris arrived as planned and we started with the skills check as always, and i discovered that i needed to work on footwork, looking and body position in both techniques, so i set to work, working mainly on his feet and looking here. I also made the nescassary set up changes, before heading over to the drops. Chris mentioned to me that he had never c ridden a drop larger than 1 foot, so i set to work. I gave him a mental skills set to accompany his physical skills, and before long, was comfortably landing perfectly off the 3ft drop. I gave him a quick cornering exercise where i worked on mainly his body position, and how it can link with his footwork, and looking, for a strong cornering technique. We then working on carrying speed through 2 corners, and he could see how this technique worked well. After a quick break for coffee, we aet to work on his singletrack skills on the skills trail. We worked through section by section, linking bermed, flat and switchbacked turns, riding rock gardens, jumping out of flyouts, absorbing steps, and airing off 4 foot drops into corners. Our session finished on the pump and jump trail, where he started pumping through sections to gain enough speed to jump other sections, and finally linked this to the two berms we rode earlier.

Great session Chris!


Tony (@Ukbikeskills)