Chris attended a public session 3 years ago and wanted to return to get his jumping mojo back and to share the session with his to mates  Graham and Tristhan . The skills check showed me the areas to work on and I made a subtle set up change too. We began with the drop technique and soon moved on to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump which they all found easier than ever as their new skills began to embed. I demonstrated why effort and speed can be used to control distance in jumping and they all followed suit , clearing the jumps using this. The mental skills were applied at all times too during the session and evermore from today.
Berms were something they wanted to work on and soon their new positioning and looking skills really paid off as they had loads more grip in corners than they thought possible. We moved to steeper terrain and different ways of riding steep drop offs before returning to work on a pump and jump trail and choosing whether to jump, pump or manual sections of a trail to develop speed. By the end of the session they were riding the trail and linking the 7ft and 9ft gap jumps that came after the 2 berms into the line too.
Amazing improvements guys.