Chris, Paul, Nick and Martin arrived as arranged after booking in four months ago and the blue skies greeted us as I began by breaking their riding down during my skills check. It revealed they needed work on looking, footwork and body positioning collectively and I knew I’d have to work on their mental skills too. We began with applying their new skills sets to the techniques I teach and drops were first. They soon began landing perfectly and all three drops soon proved no issue for them. I moved to jumping straight after to work on the one thing they said they couldn’t do and that blew them away as one by one they were clearing the 6ft tabletop. Martin and Paul used their mental skills to ride the 6ft gap jump too.
 A break for lunch and we resumed with working on pumping and cornering through three berms. Now their new cornering technique really paid dividends as they pumped though a section and carried speed through one, two and then a third berm and jumped the fade away jump at the end.
Next we worked on linking drops into corners and braking area and the line choices involved before moving to riding steeper drop offs and a near vertical drop off soon was ridden by them all easily.
I knew they were tiring mentally but we had enough time to work on linking jumping and pumping and then carried speed through two berms and they one by one all rode the 7ft gap jump that followed.
 Amazing session and another set of riders that have moved on their riding beyond their wildest expectations.