Chris has been riding for many years and ridden all over the world too and came to me to develop his riding and mental approach too. The skills check showed what skills were missing and what was bogging the good habits down. I made a set up change and set to work.
We started with the drop technique and using his new looking and body positioning skills he started landing perfectly from the off.

The rain clouds were going either side of us as we moved onto the skills trail and I began working on linking the 14 sections on the trail together using the correct braking and pedaling zones. Pumping was used to gain speed and linked to flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns. Rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drop offs. Chris focused on footwork and looking in turns and later to his body positioning as he could feel the grip it offered. I went through his mental skills questions that I teach so Chris himself could decide whether to ride any given section, not me. As we moved along the trail the rains came which meant we could take a coffee break as it passed then we could resume. Before long, Chris was riding the entire trail end to end and feeling confident and controlled all the way along it.
Our session ended as the storm turned to thunder and the heavy rains came.
I look forward to seeing you again Chris over the following weeks.

 Chris returned for the rest of his coaching session  as it was cut short in April by thunder and lightning. We further embedded what he had learned on the skills trail and also worked on pumping and the video shows him starting to get to grips with it enough to get some airtime when he chooses.