Chris came to me in a group session 18months ago and wanted to bring his riding on further. The skills I installed back there were still present but he had developed a body position fault that I set about correcting in corners and I needed to work on the peripheral fears I had uncovered from the last session as he had a fear he recognised now but couldn’t overcome.
I worked on his body position in the drop technique as he has a tendency to sit right back and also on his mental skills too as he rode the drops landing perfectly.
We then moved onto the trail and worked heavily on cornering and linking all the sections present on the trail together and flowing.
I worked heavily on his peripheral fear as we worked on drops into a berm. In time, Chris was really beginning to fly along the trail.

We stitched each section to the next using the identified braking zones and then rode the trail a few times end to end. each run got better and better as it became a more unconscious action.
We left the trail after a while and I began on working on jumping tabletops with him. In 6 runs Chris sailed over the jump easily and then rode it time and time again.

As tiredness began to show it’s head I called an end to the session and i can’t wait for Chris’ riding updates.
Great session