Claire bought a gift voucher for her husband Adrian’s birthday and today was the day. We began with the skills check and I found they needed work in the areas of looking, footwork and body positioning. I began with applying the skills set to the drop technique and also worked on the mental skills too. Soon they were landing perfectly and knew why too.
 A cornering exercise followed and then onto the skills trail where we worked on linking the whole trail together. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked via control areas and line choice to rock gardens, steps, pumping, absorbing and drops. We worked down the trail methodically, always adding the previous sections to the next until they were riding the whole trail end to end. Errors were now being self diagnosed and they knew why it felt right or wrong.
 I moved them off the trail as they were tiring and we moved onto riding steeper terrain and we applied the same skills yet again and they were surprised at how easy it felt .
For the final application of the skills sets, we moved onto the pump and jump trail to work on linking 2 berms together and use pumping and absorbing the sections before hand to gain and maintain speed.
Over 4 hours since we began our session came to a close with mental tiredness.
 Keep working on the cornering and let me know how it goes.