Rob and Claire came to me via recommendation from their friend Nik, who I have previously coached. They arrived looking worried by the multitude of jumps as they drove up to the skills area but their fears were soon allayed by myself as I assured them we start at ground zero. The skills check and set up changes were completed and off we went to work on footwork and looking and later on, body positioning. I began with applying both mental and physical skills to the technique I teach for riding drops and pretty much straight away they began landing smoothly and with a control they’d never felt before. After a while on that technique we began work on their cornering and I gradually added body position into the mix. They are riding bike park Wales next week and with that in mind, I worked on carrying speed through multiple berms as well as basic pumping.

After a break we began working on sections on the singletrack trail, starting with riding rocks. These were a worry for them but their new skills meant they felt at ease with riding them and soon they were linking the corners before them as well as after. I worked on absorbing sections on a trail to maintain contact with terra firma and explained why also and what on the face of it, difficult once again proved easy. By the end of the session, which first Claire and later Rob called an end to as they were tired. They were riding the fourteen sections of the trail knowing why it was correct or not in any section and Claire even rode the 4ft drop into the final corner, airing and landing perfectly. Amazing session as their development, both physically and mentally was so cool to witness.



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