Claire had been on a session earlier in the week with tony, and decided to cone back for another session we a space with me opened up. I didn’t need to do the skills checks as it was still fresh in her memory, so I started her on the drops again, just to refresh her memory and to get her warmed up. We then moved to the singletrack trail, where I began to work on jumping, and linking this in with cornering. Before long she was rolling down steep bits into corners, jumping and riding the trail top to bottom comfortably. We then looked at some steeper stuff, where she used her mental skillset to choose whether to ride them or not. After a quick break for lunch, we moved onto the tabletop where I controlled her speed, and she used her other physical skills in order to fly across the jump and land perfectly the other side. We had another quick break, as she was beginning to tire, and then moved onto the pump and jump trail, where I explained pumping, and how it can be used to generate. After four hours since we started our session, Claire called an end as she was both physically and mentally tired, and I look forward to meeting up with her in the alps next month to dee how her riding has improved.