Claire has been to see myself and Nathan for coaching on a public session and wanted to return to work more on her jumping and as she said herself, she’d love to be able to bunny hop.
I needed to work on her looking and body positioning and spent a while correcting this during a simple skills check.
We moved to drops and she was already mentally and physically more comfortable on them than previously. I wanted to work more on her body positioning so we moved to the 6ft tabletop and worked on linking speed and distance when jumping and judging it. It wasn’t long before she was sailing over it cleanly and it was written all over her face when she did. Lovely!
We took a break and then resumed with riding over obstacles on the trail and then onto bunny hopping them and she was blown away that she could do it and knew why too! We spent a good while doing it and it was time well spent as she got more and more comfortable with linking the 2 techniques I had  taught her.
I knew that the adrenaline from the session so far would tire her quickly but I wanted to move onto cornering and carrying speed through 2 berms and advancing the pump technique further.Four hours since we began and Claire was done mentally as well as physically but we parted ways with smiles all round. Buzzing!!!!