Claude and Rudi came to me wanting a skills session before they return to the alps. They wanted to actually get comfortable on small drops and jumps. During the skills check I found what was missing in their skill sets and also that we needed to work on corners too!
We began on the 3 drops and I worked on looking and footwork first and soon they were becoming more and more confident on drops. I also worked on their body position in flight too. They rode all 3 comfortably and I then got them to follow each other over the drops to get used to having a rider in front obscuring their looking.
I then moved onto berms and linking drops into berms.

I worked on looking and body position in berms and with each run they went faster and faster.
We then moved onto the jump technique on a 6ft tabletop and I removed any trepidation by demonstrating in 3 easy steps. In no time at all they sailed over the 6ft tabletop and Rudi in particular really got to grips with the technique and rode the gap jump side loads too!
I then moved us onto a wooden berm to get them comfortable on riding into what looks like a wall closing in and once again they got to grips with it and Claude really overcame a protective mechanism here which made him switch feet, so great work Claude!
Lastly, we moved onto a larger gap jump and applying their mental skill set Claude declined and Rudi said he was good to go, so flew over it first time.
Great session lads!