I have coached Tom previously and he return with Sophie to develop his own skills set further and for Sophie to develop her enduro race skills too.

Sophie wanted to work on cornering and perhaps jumping and drops and also if I could make her more fluid too. Not much then 😉 Tom wanted to leave it to me. The session began with me running them through my skills check and once corrected, We began applying their skills to the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach in as many situations as time would allow.

Drops were first and I was able to teach Tom why his skills set allowed him to become more stylish in the air and why. Sophie was blown away at how easy it felt and effortless as they both rode all three drops up to 3ft. I then moved them to jumping and the 6ft tabletop. One by one they applied their skills until they both landed the opposite side with control and confidence, Tom again styling it too. Now I knew Sophie was eyeing up the gap jump side and Tom rode it smoothly , followed by Sophie with yells of joy. Phew the session was gaining momentum already.

pumping was something that confused Sophie but I was able to teach her why her skills set applied here again and they carried their speed through three berms and over a large faced jump before we took a lunch break for some rad cake that Sophie had made.

Steeper terrain beckoned and I used a trail that included a near vertical drop off s well as steep roll into a corner and fade away jumps. All proved no problem now as they were both flowing nicely along the trails and they knew they were faster than ever but also more controlled too.

We finished our session on yet another trail where I demonstrated why and when to pump, jump or absorb sections of trail to gain speed without pedalling. what an enjoyable session that was with two awesome people.





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