Dave came for a session today to work on his skills for his upcoming morzine trip at the end of the month. We first worked on correcting all the elements of his skills sets, before moving onto drops. I also made set up changes here and showed him the importance of this.

We spent the first half of the session, until lunch time working on drops and tabletops. We began with drops, where I controlled his entry speed, and had him adjust his effort to this, and then transferred this straight over to the tabletop, where I gradually added speed, in order to find his clearance point on both the tabletop and gap jump.

After lunch, we started to work on cornering. Dave already had a fairly good cornering technique, so I just worked on his looking mainly through three linked turns. We then looked at a couple more gap jumps. The first one involved being able to carry speed through two turns, and then accelerating in his straight line, and the second was a larger 9ft gap jump sandwiched between two corners. Dave was able to answer yes to his mental questions, and sailed over both of these gap jumps, and then linked them both together, following the entire pump and jump trail.

Our session ended on a few north shore ladders. I first worked up the top on a few ladders with him to build confidence while riding sections that are raised of the ground, and then used this to allow him to ride the new ladder to gap jump, which linked into the wooden bank, which he was loving, but tiredness set in and we enjoyed a beer to finish our session!

Nice one Dave,

Nath (@ukbikenath)