Nick and eve arrived at 10. Nick had been before, and has re booked a session with Tony, and he brought his other half Eve along this time for a session with me, so I ran her through the skills checks to begin, and worked on any errors here, before moving on to work further on cornering. We moved over onto the hillside, where I explained and demonstrated the technique I was looking for. We started here as it means Eve was not defined by any trail, so she could focuses entirely on the technique. She soon had it, and we moved across to three linked berms to add in looking, and speed management.

I then took her to the top of the skills trail, where the corners became tighter, and we now had to look somewhere else as the trail was obstructed with greenery. She rode both berms and flat corners and small rock gardens, commenting on how it felt better when she did what I showed her.

We moved down the hill onto drops. We started here to focus solely on the drop technique, before moving it into the trail. She was soon flying off the largest drop, at a variety of different speeds, and landing perfectly each time. We then linked drops into corners back on the trail.

Jumping came next, and I showed her the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. As always I controlled her speed to suit her effort, and gradually built her up, until she was landing comfortably on the other side. She was also able to answer her mental questions and ride the gap jump too!

Our session finished on the new wooden gap trail. She now had to be able to judge her own speed to be able to clear a given distance. By this time, both Eve and Nick tired, and both sessions came to an end.

Great work Eve, keep that pelvis forwards!

Nath (@ukbikenath)