Aidan rang me to see if I could help with his dilemma. He said that he cannot keep up with his mates who seem to ride away from him all the time effortlessly, whilst he brakes and stutters down the trail. I explained how I approach each rider on meeting them and that’s exactly what i did.
We met as arranged in the car park and proceeded onto the skills health check where I discover what the rider does already automatically and then start to work on what’s missing.
After finding the areas that needed working on we moved onto pumping the trail. Aidan really got to grips with this technique and on leaving the trail (as seems to be the theme in the last few sessions) he got top 5 distance without pedaling. Things were already starting to change and look up. I then took him through the drop technique and on 3 different drops we worked on the skills required and identified when they were missing.
After a while we moved onto a trail which I break into 3 segments and we worked on the sections in each segment before linking them all together braking in all the correct places.
It took maybe 30Min’s for real changes in Aidan’s cornering to appear and he started to flow through each section faster and more importantly controlled and confidently.
After a few runs of that trail we went off for a 30minute ride at the end of our session to a tighter trail that Aidan is used to riding and immediately he could feel the difference in his looking and footwork working for him. section after section were dealt with and the smile really grew.
I took the opportunity to show how Aidan’s pumping/un-weighting is too good not to be able to do the disconnected bunny hop technique and in 3 goes he had it sussed.
A great day of progress Aidan!