Dan came back to me for a one to one session after previously attending public sessions. This enabled me to focus on his learning style and work on his body position and also his mental skills in corners, jumps and drops.
We began on the drops and Dan began riding far more confidently and landing smoothly.
I worked on linking drops into corners but found he needed work on berms so that’s exactly what we did.
On an isolated berm, I worked on carrying speed into and out of corners and body positioning. By gradually adding speed Dan became more and more confident and began really flowing through it fast!
I moved us back to the drop into the berm and he linked it perfectly, time and again.
We then moved onto the tabletop where Dan was quite protected in his riding on a previous session and after a demonstration by myself, he was flying over with renewed confidence and commitment.

Dan rode the gap side smoothly and easily too over and over again.
I then brought Dan to a large wooden berm to work on the claustrophobic feel of them and to show that they are treated the same as any other berm. After some trepidation, Dan began riding it fast and smooth and carrying enough speed to ride the entire length of it too.
Lastly we moved to the 9ft gap jump but Dan was too mentally tired to ride it as he added up his mental skill set to make that decision.
Fantastic session!