Vic came to me last year and felt he needed to return as he’d couldn’t put his finger on what he was starting to do incorrectly. I found his body positioning in drops and jumps had gone, so I began rebuilding it. We worked on drops up to 3ft and everytime it felt wrong he knew why and corrected it. We moved to linking drops and corners and again it felt easy why it was correct and he knew why again. Onto carrying speed through a berm and once corrected, his body positioning paid dividends as he got further out of the berm up the hill each time. Next we worked on both phases in the bunnyhop and Vic laughed at the simplicity.
We took regular breaks for chats and coffee and moved to the 6ft tabletop and work on speed and effort to clear it before moving onto the pump and jump trail to work on multiple sections on the trail and gaining speed. Our final part of the session was a few runs on the woodwork to get over the mental aspect of riding on raised trails.
Awesome session and reprogramming