Simon had never had mountain bike coaching before, and he came to me today to fill in the gaps in his skills set. During the skills checks I saw I needed to work on body position mainly, and also touch on footwork and looking.

We moved straight on to cornering. I wanted to work with him further on getting the technique right, without being defined by the trail. I showed him how having the correct body position can effect the way a corner feels massively. We then moved over to the three linked berms, and added looking and controlling speed into his cornering.

We moved to the top of the trail, to work on tighter turns, and looking now the trail ahead was obstructed. Simon could feel now how having the correct body position and footwork allowed him to ride the corners with speed and control.

After lunch we moved to work on the drop technique. Simon had never felt air beneath his wheels before, and very shortly after arriving here, he was soon unweighting the bike nicely and landing perfectly. It was now down to his mental skills to choose what to ride. Soon enough he was riding off the largest drop and landing perfectly.

Our session ended over in the quarry on steeper terrain. Again Simon felt how having the correct body position played a role in having control when riding these sections.

Nice one Si! Keep forward.

Nath (@ukbikenath)