Matt made his way to me for a 10am start and I soon got to work on his bike set up and I ran him through my skills check and found body, looking and footwork faults and set to work accordingly.
We began with the drop technique as always and I worked on the 4 mental skills questions that i teach so that Matt could decide for himself what he does ride in future.
His new body position made the whole technique effortless even though it was quite the opposite of what he used to do.

Before long, we moved onto the skills trail and began working on the sections contained with in it. We worked on pumping to use the dips and troughs on the trail for free energy and used the speed gained to ride the following berm and then flat corner. Matt really struggled to get his footwork correct but every time he did, he commented on how great it all felt. I showed why the skill set applies to riding rock gardens and Matt used his mental skills well and rode them drama free and linked a berm and switchback to it before riding the top half of the trail end to end a few times.
After a short break for coffee, we continued down the trail and added a fly out jump and a corner with a step on the exit and again, he linked all the sections we had ridden previously together.

Finally, I demonstrated line choice when linking drops into corners and soon Matt was riding the trail end to end. Now any errors that were made in any section Matt could tell me what was wrong as he could feel the difference his new skills made to everything and The analytical side of him was tiring him mentally and after several runs of the trail it was time to call and end to the session as he declared himself mentally drained.
Great riding Matt and now comes the embedding period