Dan and James has searched the internet for a skills coach and settled on myself, so we arranged a date and the day came. On meeting, I chatted and gave them my commitments to the session and right away went through the skills check.
After correcting the missing skills and discovering that both had a natural push, we moved to the drop sections to work on that technique. In no time at all, and to their surprise they were landing perfectly on all 3 drops , using both the physical and mental skill sets.

We then moved onto the trail. Here we worked on pumping, steps, rock gardens, drops, fly outs and flat,bermed, switchback and off camber turns.
We worked our way down the trail, linking each section to the next. We worked hard on linking drops into corners too!

After a few complete runs of the trail, both of them were flowing smoothly down the trail and with that we moved onto the final technique for the day, jumping!
In a short while Dan, followed by James cleared the table top easily quite a few times and the surprise on their faces was hilarious as neither of them had expected to be jumping so easily in one session. Both of them rode the gap side too using their mental skills set. The buzz from riding these drained them of their last bit of energy and tiredness ended our session.
I did a quick demonstration of the skill set in the context of the north shore ladders and both could see it was exactly the same things I was doing there too.
Great session!