Dan and Pat made the trip up to me from Bournemouth and on meeting them I ran them through my skills check. Dan had been on a session with me before and I could see the improvements but he needed development in body position, Pat lacked looking and body position too. Both riders had recently moved to flat pedals so I corrected their foot position too.
I also corrected their shock set up and bar set up before we moved onto braking technique and onto the drops.
Both riders were landing perfectly on all 3 drops and I worked on them moving the bike in the air to begin to style it.
I then worked on berms and linking drops into them, I covered line choice here too andsoon they were riding them with far more commitment and confidence.

I then moved onto a flyout jump to work on their push to get airborne and linked that into corners and drops before riding the whole coaching trail end to end to cement their new skills.
I then began work on jumping tabletops and the gap jump side too. Pat sat it out after a while as mental tiredness hit him, leaving Dan to ride the table top perfectly and also the 6ft gap jump too.

To finish the session, I worked on peripheral fear and worked with Dan on ladder riding and ladder drops. Once again Dan linked the ladder drop to the up and over ladder and rode it time and time again before he called an end to the session himself as he was happy and tired.
Great session guys!