I coached Dan in June on a public session and he wanted to no go bigger jump wise but get better all round and learn to judge distance and effort whilst jumping. We began with the drop technique and then onto the 6ft tabletop and gap to work on the speed/effort equation. Dan began filling his tool box metaphorically with experiences of different speed and efforts for distance.
 We moved to cornering and onto the singletrack skills trail to work on trail energy management and linking fourteen sections of a trail together. Flat, berm, off camber and switchback turns were linked using pumping, absorbing and unweighting as he linked steps, jumps, drops and rocks in the trail.
 We worked on steeper terrain to really cement the importance of body positioning before moving to the pump and jump trail. Here I worked on absorbing sections of a trail and gaining speed using pumping and carrying speed through one, then two and finally three linked berms. Later Dan was choosing which technique to sue and was even able to move the bike in the air too.
 Dan wanted to learn to ride woodwork so we spent some time there and soon he felt comfortable on the ladders.
 We ended our session linking the pump and jump with its step up jump which he cleared easily and linked a 7ft and 9ft gap jump into the line which Dan rode a good few times before by his admission he was knackered.
Awesome riding dude, High5!