Daniel contacted us at ukbikeskills after his riding buddy John raved about his own session. Daniel booked two sessions and today was the first. I ran Daniel through my skills check and discovered a capable rider but he was held back by body position and looking faults and that had affected his mental skills, something I worked on later.

I made some set up changes and corrected his missing skills and off we went to apply the skills to the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach. First up was the drop technique and that was followed by applying the same skills sets to jumping tabletops. Soon he was flying over the 6ft tabletop and then it came down to riding the 6ft gap jump. Daniel had never ridden a gap jump before, but now with his enhanced skills he had a few run up checks and then sailed over it.A few more clears saw us needing to take a break and when ¬†we resumed we worked on pumping and cornering. We moved to a trail that has multiple sections to pump and three berms with options afterwards. We began with one berm, then added two more and a jump. Daniel was gaining speed through them now rather than braking midway and pedaling out, awesome stuff. After the two berms there is a 7ft ladder gap jump option and Daniel felt like his new skills set was working for him and then he applied the mental skills questions that we teach to riding the gap and sailed over it as the video shows below. Daniel wasn’t done there, he soon added a 9ft gap jump into the line and ended the session himself after riding the whole trail end to end with a massive grin on his face.

Amazing improvements and I can’t wait for part 2 at the end of March.