Danny has tried to have a skills session with myself for years and due to injury and bike issues it never came off but today was the day, which ironically ended with a bike issue. The day began with my skills check and I could see Danny really needed work on his cornering and it was here that I focuses on body positioning, looking and footwork. We began with the drop technique followed by the 6ft tabletop and Danny was surprised at how effortless it all was. I worked on his mental skills as  when approaching gap jumps he backed away but soon he was sailing the 6ft gap jump.
 Onto cornering and pumping and we used a trail with multiple features including two linked berms for this and worked on carrying speed and control the trails energy. It wasn’t long before Danny ride the ladder gap jump with ease that came after the to berms. A break for coffee and we resumed with linking drops into corners and worked on braking areas and line choice and Danny got smoother and faster and the whole singletrack line got faster and smoother as his new cornering technique enabled him to carry speed easier.
We worked on steeper terrain and different ways of riding steep drop offs. We moved on to work on bigger gap jumps but a split in his rear Tyre and no sealant present meant the session came to an abrupt end.
Amazing progression Danny and I’ll see you soon