I have coached Dan before for his mountain biking but he wanted to get a bmx to compliment his mtb skills too. Mark Atkins is the main bmx coach and I play a supporting role too. We focussed on his body position and using his legs more for the entire session and this is the outline for the session.

We began with dropping in, pumping and riding back out of a bowl and Dan got to grips with this easily. He had a habit of leaving not hoping the rear wheel over the coping and this was something that Mark corrected quickly.

Spine ramps and volcano’s puzzled Dan so we showed him how to ride those next. In no time he was riding across the volcano and soon began jumping it too.
It is very tiring to have a one to one and we ride for a few runs to give Dan a break so mark warmed up with a 360 table.

We moved onto the street section and worked on riding a line that included dropping into a quarter, step up and down and jumping a driveway. It took Dan a few runs to get enough speed to clear the jump but once again he really got to grips with it all.

We moved onto the resi tabletop and worked hard on Dan’s jumping and it took a while but he began clearing the entire tabletop jump as the picture above shows. We were 3 hours into the session and Dan was tiring so we took another break and both myself and Mark rode for 5 minutes.

Dan wanted to learn to rotate the bike in the air so we moved into the foam pit for this as it enables the rider to focus on rotating and not how hard the landing is and soon Dan was turning 180 degrees in the air.

We moved from there to our last task of the day. airing a quarter. For this we used a 7ft mini ramp to give Dan room to carve and hop into the air during his turn and this was something he got the hang of but tiredness finally got the better of him and our session ended.
Great progress Dan!