Chris has been riding for years and wanted to bring his 12yr old daughter Ellen along to a skills session as she was loving her riding but didn’t have the foundation he wanted her to have. Well what can I say, we have uncovered a diamond. Every once in a while a kid with real talent comes along, Nathan, Henry and Otto spring to mind and now i add Ellen to the list. I ran them through my skills check and found footwork, looking and body positioning were in need of work and with help from a set up change i gradually pieced their skills sets back together and then applied them to the techniques required in mountain biking. Chris and Ellen both hoped to eventually learn to get air off drops and jumps but were surprised that i started with drops. Soon they were both riding the largest drop comfortably and with a big grin. We moved to pumping and cornering through berms.Now their skills were really shining through as they railed around their turns.
We took a break and resumed with jumping and used a 6ft tabletop that eventually, when effort and speed matched they both cleared over and over again.
 The final application of the skills sets was linking drop offs and cornering by rolling into the corner then getting air off the largest drop and railing the turn. Amazing session and massive improvements from both Dad and Daughter.