Dave had coaching from myself a year ago and wanted to push his riding on further and his mate Andy joined him for the session as they ride together loads. I ran them through the skills check and found I needed to work on Dave’s body positioning and Andy’s looking and body position too. I made the necessary set up changes to assist these and showed them why too and then we set off to apply the skills.
 The drop technique was first up and it didn’t take long for them to get all 3 drops dialled.

 We moved onto the skills trail and worked on the 14 sections the are contained within it. Pre jumping, flat. bermed, off camber and switchback turns, rock gardens, fly out jumps, steps and drops were all linked together via the correct braking areas.

 Their new skills began to shine through and any errors were now self identified as they now knew why it was right or felt wrong. I worked hard on braking and line choice when linking fast drops into corners and soon they were riding it end to end way faster than ever. I wanted to worked on riding down steep stuff and also how the skills applied to riding very steep drop offs too.

Finally, it was time to teach them how to jump tabletops and using a 6ft tabletop I demonstrated as always and then they followed suit and soon they were clearing the tabletop with ease. They then used their mental skills questions to decide positively to ride the 6ft gap jump too! Our session came to a close soon after as they were both mentally drained by then.
Amazing session to end a great week of coaching and riding.