After meeting at the arranged place we proceeded onto the skills health check where I identify what skills the riders do naturally. This allows me to focus on the missing skills and build the riders up from the base skills through to their application in techniques on the trails.
We worked on un weighting, pumping, drops and jumps. Dave and Gary took a while to grasp the skills but time spent early on was rewarded as our session progressed. They really got to grips with the techniques and the smiles were there for all to see when they finally started to get airtime in a controlled,confident manner.
After that we moved onto technical climbing using the skills and onto cornering and linking trails sections together. I split the trail into three parts and broke each section down and demonstrated what was required before the lads got going. Both Dave and Gary really started to flow down the trail and even the drop section at the end of the trail became just another section as their commitment and confidence shone through.
great session boys!