I have coached Dave and Tom previously 2yrs ago and they wanted to work on their jumping but also I needed to develop Dave’s confidence after an operation in october last year.

We began with the drop technique to get them to begin to move the bike in the air and then onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and all before lunch. Things were looking good, so we moved to riding steeper terrain including alpine style switchback sand a larger drop. Both proved no issue after a few tweaks in technique from myself.

We then worked on carrying speed through three linked berms and a larger faced jump before moving to riding gap jumps on a trail. As with all of our mountain bike coaching sessions we watch all our riders for mental fatigue and as their was no sign of it  we continued to jumping a 7ft gap followed by 9ft gap and the result in increased confidence was there for me to see. They were buzzing and tired but the session pushed forward to our final section, a ladder gap that led to a banked wall ride. Amazing session guys.



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