Dave booked a skill session after one of his friends attended one a few months ago. After giving Dave and outline for our session we proceeded onto the skills check. When cornering Dave had no footwork and looked right down in front of him but during the next exercise of getting his front wheel over a log he was surprised to know he pushed correctly and did NOT pull his bars up to him.
With this information about his natural riding I set about apply the skills to techniques beginning with pumping, unweighting the front wheel and then the drop technique. All of which Dave picked up very well indeed.
We moved onto the first of 3 trails and began breaking down the components of his cornering and building it back up. Methodically his cornering really started to get better so we moved onto the next segment of the trail to work on linking the sections on it together. Once again Dave was flying and it wasn’t long before we were riding the entire trail and linking corners, drops and multiple layer sections together.
Next on the agenda was line choice in tighter corners with a technical entry. I demonstrated what was required then Dave started really pushing his footwork and looking and recognised if he dropped one of his skills immediately.
We then moved onto steeper , more loose corners and Dave was really showing good speed management and used the trails energy efficiently rather than his old stop-start style.
Great session Dave and I look forward to the updates of how the riding goes.