Dave came to me a couple of weeks ago for a group session and had another 1 to 1 booked too and today was the day. I knew I would have to work on his mental skills so i set to work on building on the 1st session.
I worked on advanced pumping and manuals to gain energy from the trail to decide whether to jump, pump or manual. Next up was drops and jumping a 6ft tabletop. I worked on Dave’s speed management and he began choosing effort and speed to jump the tabletop and gap jump .
We had a break and worked on linking the pump and jump trail into a 7ft gap jump and soon we moved onto the woodwork to work on his fears of being up on ladders.  Once control was given, Dave then rode a linked section of ladders ending in a 1ft drop and moved onto a much higher one and linked it to a wooden berm too.
The adrenaline was pumping through Dave now and I knew he’d tire quickly but with our remaining time together we worked on pumping and developing speed to jump a 15ft tabletop.
Dave declared himself knackered after 20mins working on the tabletop and our session ended.
Awesome improvements dude and I’ll see you soon I hope.