Dave’s riding has been off and on for a few years but in a short time I was able during the skills check to see some of his riding experience had led to some good riding skills choices.
I identified that during cornering he needed work on his footwork and looking and that to unweight the front wheel he pulled, HARD! It’s not as bad as it sounds because just before the pull he naturally pushed the bike away and after showing him this in pictures and explaining that the pull needed removing from the technique a first happened. 1st try, Dave un weighted the front wheel smoothly and manualled over a bike length. Now things were looking up!
We began with pumping and the dis connected bunny hop and those were lapped up with his new found un weighting technique and on leaving the pumping area got 2nd furthest of all my clients too.
I then took him to the jump and drop techniques and once again, in a short while he was flying in the air.
We then moved onto a trail and worked on cornering and linking trails sections together and removing un necessary braking along the way. Smooth and fluid became the words to describe Dave’s riding and after a few top to bottom runs we moved onto another trail to work on tighter, loose corners and a larger drop section and straight away Dave was linking them together before Tiredness set in and we called an end to our great session.