Dave came to me wanting a drop and jump focus session and once I had ran him through my skills checkI discovered what was holding him back in his riding. Once corrected I moved us onto the drop technique to make sure there were no errors and then onto linking drops into corners.
Things were moving along fast and we rode the tabletop and 6ft gap jump in no time at all as Dave really got to grips with his new skill set.

After getting Dave comfy on ladders we moved onto a drop and linked it into a wooden berm and then into a step up and down. Dave was railing this line smoothly and controlled.

We then moved onto another segment where i worked on style in the air and also linking drops into either a drop or gap jump then into another corner.

I worked with Dave on straight drops as well as hip drops where the bike turns in the air and we linked them into a 9ft gap jump.
Lastly, I showed how the skill set applied to a 14ft gap jump from a half cut tree and as before, Dave sailed over with ease.
Awesome session Dave!