David and Richard contacted me after they entered the mega avalanche race this year. They wanted to begin work on their overall skills. After identifying the missing skills and also the good habits during the skills check we moved to their surprise to drops.
Here we worked on their looking during the push required and soon they were landing perfectly on all 3 drops.
Now it was time to move onto the trail and work on pumping, cornering, steps, rock garden and linking drops into corners.

We moved down the trail methodically, linking the previous section to the next using the trails energy. We worked on flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. We worked heavily on body positioning and looking further down the trail.
Then we rode the entire trail a few times end to end and the flow was really showing.

Now it was time to move onto the tabletop and teach them to deal with airtime and land the jump.
I managed their speed, gradually adding it and before they knew it they were sailing over it.

Both Richard and David then moved over to the gap side and sailed over that too!
After 3-4 more runs the session came to an end as fatigue began to rear its head.
Awesome riding guys.