David was ready and waiting nice and early for his session, so we chatted over a coffee of his hopes for the session. By the time I had corrected his looking and body positioning he was already buzzing and blown away at what he’d learned already.

We then went on to apply both physical and mental skills sets to various sections found on trails. We began with the drop technique and he was worried about the largest one but in a few minutes he was sailing off it easily and knowing why.

We moved to the 6ft tabletop and worked on piecing together his mental and physical skills until he landed perfectly on the transition. After a few clears we took a break for coffee.

We resumed with cornering and the grip David now felt was dramatically more than he’d ever felt. I demonstarted pumping and linking 3 berms together into a jump and David followed suit. He was stunned at how controlled he now felt in the air and was sailing of the large faced jump with confidence.

We moved to steeper terrain and a near vertical drop off to really cement his body positioning and then onto the singletrack trail to work on his fluidity and line choice, especially when linking drops into turns.

Lastly, we moved back to the 6ft tabletop that he was clearing earlier and he found it even easier and then by using his mental skills, he rode the 6ft gap jump a couple of times too.

Amazing progression David.




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