Tony and Dawn came to me from Derbyshire. I gave an explanation of the outline for the session over a coffee and soon we began. The skills check revealed the areas that needed work and I made some set up changes to help rectify these. Footwork, looking and body positioning were needing work so off we went to the drops to work on both the physical and mental skills needed.
 Dawn had never got air off anything before and I assured her that I have never failed in teaching it. Sure enough, she sailed over the drop and landed perfectly. Tony used his mental skills later to great effect to ride the largest too.
I worked on a body positioning excersise before moving onto the skills trail itself. Pumping, rock gardens, fly out jumps, steps and drop offs were linked by the correct braking areas to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. Dawn rarely stood up when riding before she met me and I had to change this to enhance her control. Tony was really loving the new found grip his body position afforded him too.
 I knew the fly out jump would be physically easy to ride but the mental aspect is harder but both sailed over that too. Soon, we were riding the whole trail end to end and linking all 14 sections on it together. Each run had any errors self diagnosed too now as they both realised their own errors as well as seeing each others.
 After nearly 5 hours, mental tiredness began to creep in and our session ended to a cold beer each.
 Awesome riding guys!