I coached Dawn in a group at Glentress last year and she wanted a 1 to 1 session to learn to jump and handle airtime.

I checked what areas needed further work and found body position in corners and looking was also missing when unweighting too.

Once corrected, we moved onto the drops where Dawn used her new body position to sail over all 3 drops with total ease.

After a few runs we moved onto cornering and further developed her body positioning there also.

I worked on basic pumping technique and soon she was generating speed from the trail easily.

I moved onto the 6ft tabletop and after a few quizzical looks at me when I said “same skills” she rolled in and flew over easily.

Grinning, she then rode it over and over before moving to the 6ft gap jump side also and sailing across that easily too. All the time reinforcing her new body position.

To finalise our session, we moved onto the pump trail and I worked on further pumping techniques to enable Dawn to generate speed through sections easier.

Great session dawn and I look forward to the riding updates!