Dean, Connor and Kris arrived for their session and I ran them through the skills checks to begin, discovering that I needed to work on mainly looking and body position within all three of their skills sets.

We moved onto drops, applying what I had just showed them, and they were quickly
Riding off the larger of the three drops, landing perfectly. I could see they were comfortable here, so after playing around with their approach speed, we moved straight onto the tabletop. Again I worked on controlling their speed individually here, to find their clearance point. Once they answered their mental questions, they were all flying over the gap jump as well.

We moved on to work on cornering, first using the hillside to perfect the technique, and then worked on three linked corners to introduce correct looking and speed management. They then joined this with the whole pump and jump trail, and the larger tabletop at the end.

We had a quick break for lunch, and when we continued, I showed them the wooden ladder gap which followed the second corner. All of them ride this with confidence and style. I then showed them a larger gap jump. They never we had to be able to corner before and after the gap. All their mental questions were answered and they each ride this at their own speed, matching their effort to this, landing perfectly in the down slope. They the linked this with the rest of the pump trail.

It was a very hot day, and our session ended over in the quarry, where I showed them rolling into steeper terrain, and showed them the importance of Maintaining the correct body position.

Nice work boys!

Nath (@ukbikenath)