Dee, Russell and Eddie turned up as arranged and i began with my all important skills check and discovered they needed work on looking and body positioning, I made some set up changes to help enhance the skills and off we went to the drop to work on applying their new skills to the technique involved and to work on the all important mental skills. The guys were amazed at how simple and effortless it suddenly felt and I was even able to show why the skills made it easy to begin to style it in the air too. Onto the 6ft tabletop and the same result as they all sailed over the tabletop in amazement. The 6ft gap jump loomed and Russell and Eddie applied their mental skills and Dee wasn’t ready yet but a couple of hours later we returned to the area and Dee sailed it easily. 
 We took a break for coffee as they were now all buzzing and when we resumed we worked on their cornering technique as well as pumping, absorbing and jumping multiple sections of a trail. 
Onto steeper terrain and dealing with near vertical drop offs. I demonstrated a couple of ways of doing them and then they all followed suit and that blew them away as their old sit back and hope method was replaced with calm, control.
 We moved to linking drops into corners and the required line choices and braking areas if needed and they soon easily rode those sections. I knew they were all getting tired but I wanted them to apply their mental skills again to decide whether or not to ride a 9ft gap jump. I knew they were all very capable now but as they were tiring only Eddie felt in the right place to ride it and a couple of goes saw him sail it, ending a great session.