December 9, 2009 Tony Doyle

Derby Al’s day

The day started with the skills “healthcheck” I quickly identified the missing skills and moved on to correcting them. brake levers were raised to aid body positioning.

we worked on vision and footwork in the corners

once Al got the hang of it he was railing tight twisting singletrack

We then moved onto jumps and drops as requested by Al previous to him attending the one to one course.

It was awesome to see him using his energy managment to flow the trails so well.

Thanks for another awesome day Al!

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  1. Al

    An excellent day – a simple and memorable coaching style that belies the depth of what is being taught. I’ve been riding for many years, but there was a big difference in my riding at the start and end of the day – I found the improvement in my smoothness and control startling.

    All of this in a relaxed and really enjoyable day’s riding. AND you get chips too!

    Thanks again

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