We met in the car park and after going through the outline for the session I ran Andrew through my skills check.
I found he had footwork and looking faults but had a very natural un weight of the front wheel, so I set to work.
We began with bi lateral pumping, using his past skateboarding experiences and soon Andrew was flowing down the trail. I demonstrated the dis connected bunny hop and although he didn’t get it totally as his timing was slightly off The components were there and Andrew will work on that in the coming weeks as per his home work.
From there we worked on the drop technique and gradually , using his new skill set Andrew was comfortably getting his wheels off the ground.
It came time to move to a trail. I split the trails 9 sections into 3 segments and we worked on each segment one by one before linking them together and finally riding the whole trail end to end.
Work on the physical skills that we focused on and let me know how it develops Andrew.
Great session!