Anthony turned up as arranged at the Herts skills area and I put him through my skills check which reveals the present and missing skills and is also where I make set up changes.
After the check we moved onto applying the skills to the drop technique and from the word go, Ant was landing perfectly, much to his surprise.

Ant wasted no time in riding all 3 drops and applied his mental skill set too so it soon came time to move onto the skills trail and work on linking the 14 sections on it together.
I worked hard on his looking and body positioning in all sections on the trail. We worked on flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. Rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops. I broke the trail into bite sized chunks and we worked on each before adding the next one and so on. I worked with Ant on line choice when linking drops into corners and before long it was time for him to ride the entire trail end to end a few times. Each run was more fluid and faster than the previous and Ant moved through conscious and unconscious action.

After a few runs it was time to move onto our final technique, jumping tabletops.
I worked on his body position and looking here also and worked through a protective mechanism and then he began sailing over it and with a massive smile on his face. After a few clears our session ended and I gave a riding demonstartion of the same skill set in action in my own riding whilst cornering, jumping gaps and drops.
Great session Anthony!