Beth finally got a date together to come for the session she had wanted for a while now. I discovered how she learned during the skills check and found she needed body position and looking skills worked on but had great footwork and speed management skills. The first technique we applied the skills to was the drop technique, Beth was comfortable with the drops after looking further so I worked on her body position in take off. From there we moved onto the trail and worked on flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners, as well as steps, rocks, pumping, jumping and linking sections together. It came clear that the changes were having a huge effect as Beth began to really fly through the sections on the trail.

We worked on linking drops into corners and found Beth became protective at a point. I moved onto an isolated berm to work on this before moving back to the trail. This resulted in Beth riding the trail end to end in a time only bettered by 2 other riders!! Amazing time savings happened as she hacked seconds off of a timed 80 meter section.
Next we worked on the dis connected bunny hop which Beth grasped quickly before we moved on to a big fear of hers, committing to steep roll ins. We worked on this and Beth understood what was creating this block and how to overcome it. Beth used her mental skill set with great effect.
Lastly I moved us onto a wooden berm and worked on her commitment to speed into the berm and in no time at all she was railing it!
We ended our session after as Beth declared mental tiredness. I cannot wait to hear how her dh riding goes this year.
High5 Beth!