Julie and John booked with me asking for a confidence build.
Steep descents, exposed single track, corners and flowing down trails were an issue.
With this in mind I ran them through the skills check and immediately worked on the front wheel un weight and this is a king pin technique after pumping.
We worked on those and Julie in particular began moving around more on the bike and we really began to see some changes.
I then began working on their looking and footwork in corners and gradually we broke it down in bite size bits and built them back up so they we riding through corners and braking in the correct places.
A steep roll down was too much for them at this point so I moved us onto a tight trail through trees where footwork and looking was para mount and after a short while they began to naturally do their footwork and look further along the trail.
next was an exposed section of trail with a drop to one side. With footwork and looking they both began to gain confidence and commitment as they rode it time and time again.
After that trail we moved onto a trail with lots of performance cues to look through and steep but short roll down section that by now they just rode as we rode along the whole trail happily.
finally, I brought them to a steep hill exactly like the one they were not comfortable with and both rode down it with out hesitation a few times bringing our session to a great end!