Matt has ridden for yonks and felt that the time had come to find out what he was doing wrong.
Wrong?? Riding a bike is the right answer to begin with and I soon uncovered some great habits bogged down by missing skills. Once corrected, We move don and applied the skill set to various techniques and I also worked with Matt on racing techniques too.
We applied the skills to drops to begin with as later on we’d have to link drops into corners. I also covered the application of the mental skills too as Matt flew off all 3 drops and was landing perfectly.
I moved us on the the skills trail and we began working on linking the 14 sections within the trail together. I worked on techniques required in riding singletrack.
Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. We linked them to rock gardens, steps, pumping, drops and fly outs. each was linked to the next using the correct braking zones.
I worked on looking and body position heavily and soon the flow began to happen and the speed came naturally. I worked on climbing and recovering on the downhills to make sure you Matt was using the trails energy.
After a few runs of the complete trail the session ended as menatl tirdness crept in.
Awesome riding Matt!