Pete came to me from recommendation from @nirvanacycles. On meeting, I gave him my commitment for the session and for his on going coaching and then we began.
The skills check uncovered a natural push that was bogged down by a missing skill and that he needed footwork, looking and body position work in corners.
I changed his set up and set to work, with braking technique being the first and then drops.
I matched his push to a speed and worked on foot positioning on the pedals and he began landing perfectly.
I then moved us onto the trail where we worked methodically down the trail, linking the 14 sections contained within it.
we began with pumping and using the trails natural energy rather than the riders and then linked it to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners, Rock gardens, fly out jumps, steps and drops were all linked together using the correct braking zones. Pete worked hard on his footwork and looking and soon I was able to enhance his body position too as the previous skiing experience showed when cornering.
Finally, we rode the trail end to end and Pete rode smoothly and with a commitment and confidence that was not there previous to our session.
The session ended as mental fatigue showed and I ended it with a demonstration of the skill set in use in my own riding and we celebrated with a cold beer.
Great session and keep working on the areas I said Pete!