I coached Dhana over two years ago with his wife laura and he returned alone this time as they are both expecting a child so Laura is too far to ride for now. The session wasn’t the regular session at all as Dhana wanted to work on steep terrain and alpine style switchbacks too.

The skills check showed that he was weak on his left turns and that He needed work on the drop technique as he was making the front wheel drop unconsciously and too early to boot.

We began wit the drop technique and it took a while to separate what Dhana thought he was doing with what he actually was and ten it became easier and far more controlled. We then moved to riding steeper terrain and i worked on his body positioning and footwork and of course the all important metal skills too. I demonstrated two very different ways of riding a near vertical drop off and Dhana followed suit. This was all good as it laid a foundation to the steeper alpine stuff to follow. We moved to a steep roll into a corner followed by a jump and here we spent lots of time as it was a left turn and unless it was corrected here it would magnify those errors when it became more technical.

Our mountain bike coaching session finally got to alpine style switchback that looked fine when on foot but on the bike was a different prospect. I demonstrated a few times to give Dhana a visual of what was required but it took several attempts to get it right but he was determined and eventually got it. The adrenaline shakes were in full affect and we moved on to riding multiple sections of a trail and sticking to the ground and linking three berms together via control zones. After the steepness of the alpine corners they were easier for Dhana to digest and carried speed through them.

Our session ended after a short session working on the techniques involved in riding over logs on a trail.

I love sessions like this.











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